2017 Honda V-6 Touring Coupe Quality with a little added fun.

By Bob Long

It’s been a long time since I have been behind the wheel of Honda Accord Coupe. Recently I had the opportunity to sample a Touring V-6 coupe and came away from the experience with a smile on my face.

I still like the Accord Coupe’s exterior lines, and there’s more space in the back seat than you might expect. The dash layout is typical Honda good, and the company seems to have made some changes to its dual-screen stereo/nav/bluetooth setup that make it significantly easier to master.   However the with no volume knob it can frustrating operating the entertainment system.

Driving around greater Orlando FL the coupe drew its share of admirers.  People exclaimed “nice car!” and “that’s cool, what is it?” during my time behind this Accord’s wheel. I’d say Honda’s styling department did something right. This is probably the best-looking Accord to date, or at least the most aggressively styled.  This also a vehicle that quite a few modern designs looks better in person than in pictures.

The most interesting thing about this Accord, which may or may not be surprising, is that it’s actually fast. It does things you don’t expect a standard Honda to do including torque steer, and squealing tires, real performance fun. The automatic mated to the 3.5-liter V6 did a fine job at managing the 278 hp and the 252 lb-ft of torques.

During my time on the highway, the Accord proved docile and comfortable the cabin was virtually free of wind and road noise, the seat was supportive and the infotainment system was very good.  While the power delivery might surprise, the rest of the car feels perfectly Honda. The brakes work well, but don’t send you much feedback. The steering feels is light and numb, but still does a decent job.

If you’re looking for something more subdued than an outright performance car, the Accord will still scratch your itching desire for speed.

The 3.5-L V6 and is emission certified at the LEV3-ULEV125-rating. What’s that all about?  Well, the engine and the Accord overall has really low emissions. This pays off by not only being green, but if you happen to work in a LEED certified building you may get a closer-in parking space that’s required to be reserved to encourage clean-vehicles as part of the LEED rating.

I enjoyed my drive time with the Accord Touring V6. Acceleration is quite impressive and the fuel gauge never seemed to move. And when pushed, the engine isn’t overly noisy. Zero to 60 mph is in the low-6 second range. Overall ride and handling are very confident and composed . Interstate on-ramps are taken with ease and there isn’t much body roll.

The Accord Coupe rides on 40-series tires on 19-inch wheels, making it a little rough riding at times especially for those buyers not used to sport or sporty cars like the Accord

The interior is quite roomy with good seat comfort and an overall high-quality feel. The push button start is easy to locate with its bright red coloring. There’s a 7-inch touch screen for audio control but no physical knobs for tuning or volume. There’s a volume control on the steering wheel that works quite well, but that doesn’t help the front passenger.

I love Honda’s Lane Watch feature that displays an image in the center screen of the right lane next to the car when the right turn signal is on. It’s great for checking for bicyclists.

There’s also heated front and rear seats, front and rear parking sensors and a rear view camera.

The full suite of Honda Sensing safety technology is standard on the Accord Touring V6. It includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning with automatic braking, Lane Keeping Assist, and Road Departure Mitigation.

The forward collision alert is a bit sensitive flashing its “Brake!” visual flash alarm.  The 2017 Accord Sedan has received the highest available crash safety rating, a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the NHTSA.

This new safety technology that has become available on more and more new vehicles really is proving beneficial to help reduce even minor collisions. If I had a young new driver in my family I would want them driving a car with this safety equipment.

The 2017 Honda Accord pulls off quite a feat when it comes to style: It looks handsome, contemporary, yet timeless. This is a well-proportioned vehicle whose design will likely hold up well as the years pass. The Accord coupe looks elegant, sporty and more expensive than it is. The 3.5-liter V6 delivers decent power and is rated at 21 city and 32 MPG highway. A top-line Accord Touring model sits above $35,000 in coupe form like my test model

For those a little more style in their Accord and some performance fun the V6 Accord delivers a great driving experience and is good entry into the world of performance coupes.

The Long Drive Rankings

Front Engine-FWD




Safety features

The ability to light up the tires in an Honda Accord



Pesky Touch screen

No volume nob just a sliding digital scale on the entertainment system face

No AWD option

Scale 1 low-10 High

Exterior Styling 8

Interior styling and quality 7

Handling 6

Braking 6

Fuel Economy 8

Audio System 6

Performance 6

Trunk-Cargo Capacity 6


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