2017 Toyota Camry XLE is the Best Camry To Date

With the debut of the next generation Camry at the North America International Auto Show in Detroit around the corner.  Recently I had week-long very pleasant visit with the current 2017 Camry that you can walk in to the dealer and purchase right now.

The 2017 Toyota Camry remains among the most poplar sedans for a wide range of buyers. Now celebrating its 35th year, there’s no one single reason why the Camry midsize sedan is among the bestselling vehicles in the nation, but rather a combination of winning factors. Whether you desire reliability, efficiency, easy driving manners, great resale value, or some of the latest safety features like automatic emergency braking, the Camry checks all the boxes. Like the Honda Accord, the Camry is available with 4- and 6-cylinder engines, as well a hybrid. The Camry excels as a no-fuss commuting companion and comfortable chariot for family and friends.

The Camry is very good at a lot of things, but it’s not necessarily the best at any one. Toyota’s midsize sedan isn’t as fun to drive as a Mazda Mazda6 or even an Accord, nor is it as fuel-efficient as either. If you want all-wheel drive for improved traction, look to the Subaru Legacy or Ford Fusion.

Thanks to revised suspension tuning that came with the 2015 revamp, the latest Camry sedan delivers a slightly livelier driving experience. But don’t confuse the Camry for a corner-carver: Its emphasis remains quiet and comfortable road manners. The standard 178-horsepower 4-cylinder engine that most Camry buyers will choose is more than adequate for everyday acceleration and passing power. Linked exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission, it is a willing and faithful partner in the city, on country roads, or on interstate highways around Orlando Florida or anywhere in North America.

The 5-passenger interior of the 2017 Camry isn’t as stylistically forward as its exterior might suggest, but it’s hardly bland. Moreover, it’s supremely functional.

Big cup holders and multiple storage nooks surround the sporty gear selector, and even the steering wheel has a familiar feel and looks more sophisticated now with its bevy of integrated controls. The Camry has good room for passengers up front and in back, and the trunk has a sizable 15.4 cubic feet of space.

The winning formula of the Camry is in my opinion due to the fact it is plain and simple.  For example the Camry uses traditional knobs and dials around its standard 6.1-inch or optional 7-inch display infotainment  screen. The controls are big, easy to read and simple to use. The standard JBL audio system in my test vehicle also was very good.

No doubt this is best looking Camry to date. The significant revisions to the sheet metal that arrived a couple of years ago still look fresh for 2017. Bookended by an eye-catching front end and a nicely detailed rear, the stylish but not outlandish  Camry is sure to attract new buyers without scaring away longtime devotees.

My test vehicle an XLE trim Camry has a choice of three powertrains. Most buyers will be more than satisfied with the standard 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that offers a good blend of performance and fuel economy.  Power is rated at 178 Hp along with 170 lb-ft of torque delivering an EPA average of 24 MPG city and 33 mpg pn the highway.  My XLE model starts  at a very reasonable $27, 145

If you enjoy a more sporty sedan I would recommend the Mazda6 but if you not an enthusiast driver.   Its taken me a long time bt now I understand better why Toyota sells so many Camry vehicles.

The Long Drive Rankings

Front Engine-FWD 6 speed automatic




Simple layout


Not a drivers car

The Best Camry ever but still a little bland

The Long Drive Rankings 1 Low 10 High

Exterior Styling 7
Interior styling and quality 8

Handling 6

Braking 6
Fuel Economy 7
Stereo System 8

Performance 5
Trunk-Cargo Capacity 8

Navigation 8
Audio System 7


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